Outback Aussie Sports

Make the most of our Outback Festival experience by taking part in these hilarious Outback games.


Bushman’s Egg Throw

Test your skills in handling this very fragile item!  Work in pairs with a thrower and catcher.  The aim of the game is to try to throw and catch eggs without breaking the shell.

  • The tosser throws an egg to their team-mate, the catcher
  • After each successful catch, they spread further apart
  • The winning team is the one that completes a catch without breaking the egg over the furthest distance
  • The record stands at 54.31 metres!  Can you beat this?
Kids egg throw event at Outback festival

Swag & Broom Toss

Take the challenge and toss Matilda’s Swag into the ring.  Throw the broom over a measured distance.

Who needs a javelin or a shot put when you have a broom and a swag? Step up to the plate for the Outback version of these popular track and field events.  Are you handy with a broom?  How accurate is your swag toss?

Outback junior iron event

Wool Bale Rolling

Roll up, Roll up for the Wool Bale challenge. Let’s see how far you can send your Wool Bale rolling!

Have you ever rolled a Bale of Wool before?  It doesn’t matter, it is all part of the fun and hilarity of the event!  Step up to the plate for the Outback version of these popular track and field events.

Boys rolling wool bale at Outback Festival

True Blue Outback Aussie Sports

Are you a True Blue Aussie Sports star? Test your skills across 8 top Aussie events at every Outback ‘watering hole’ in Winton!

Bound to bring out the ‘troo bloo’ in you, this hilarious event is an individual competition, but you will need to complete the course in groups (bring your own or join a mixed group).  Prizes up for grabs, including the Best dressed group prize! Nominations are essential and all names of entrants to be recorded when nominating online for Covid-19 purposes. Limited numbers – Minimum age 18 years and maximum group size 10 people. This is an individual sports event with entrants to participate in 8 sports events with the highest point scores to compete in the Too Bloo Roo Poo Final.

Wednesday 22nd September

$15 per person

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Spectators enjoying the True Blue Outback Aussie Sports Pub Crawl
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