Are you a True Blue Aussie Sports star? Test your skills across 7 top Aussie events at every Outback ‘watering hole’ in Winton!

Bound to bring out the ‘troo bloo’ in you, this is one of Outback Festival’s most popular events. This hilarious event is an individual competition, but you will need to complete the course in teams. 


True Blue Champion: Joshua Kinsey (23.1m in Roo Poo final)

Male True Bluer: Ryan Kinsey (130 points)
Female True Bluer: Heidi Paynter (110 points)

Top 7 Competitors:
1. Ryan Kinsey – 130 points
2. Gavin Baskett (Winton Mayor) – 120 points
3. Peter Hawke – 120 points
4. Gavin Smith – 120 points
5. Heidi Paynter – 110 points
6. Andrew Reagan – 110 points
7. Travis Lenton – 110 points

Best Dressed Teams:
1. This Means Wario
2. Wockingham Wombles
3. Hello Possums.

Sports include

  • Golf
  • Marbles
  • Basketball
  • Pool
  • Bowls
  • Cricket
  • Cow Pat Discus
  • Final – Troo Bloo Roo Poo

This is an individual sports event but you will need to complete the course in teams. Competitors with the highest point scores will qualify to compete in the Troo Bloo Roo Poo Final.

Prizes for the highest scorers and the Best dressed group prize! 

Please note: Nominations are essential and all names of competitors to be recorded when nominating online.
Limited numbers, maximum 200 competitors.
Minimum age 18 years.
Maximum group size 10 people.

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