Behind every great event…is an even greater group of Volunteers!

  • Volunteer giving directions at Outback Festival
  • Volunteers at the Merch Tent for Outback Festival
  • Volunteer scoring events
  • Volunteers at Bush Poets Breakfast

Do you enjoy volunteering?  Volunteers travel from all over Australia to help out our small but passionate Outback Festival team. There’s never a dull moment in our small outback town.  If you are wondering what there is do, our answer is…plenty.  It’s a great opportunity to work closely with our outback community, make lifelong friends and to really make a difference.

We recognise the effort and support of our volunteers with an end of festival ‘Thank-you Party’, a festival shirt, cap and special volunteer award.  What are you waiting for?  Make a difference in an outback community in the Year of the Outback.

Volunteer for Outback Festival 2021 – coming soon

Testimonials from previous years volunteers…

Des and Leonne - Outback Festival Volunteers

“Volunteering at the Outback Festival was an amazing and fun way to be involved. We met a heap of wonderful people, had a lot of laughs and thoroughly enjoyed the experience  so much so we will be back to volunteer in 2019”

Des & Leonne Deighton, Coolum Beach
Outback Festival volunteers from 2017

” My Wife and I started volunteering at the Outback Festival some years ago and fell in love with the festival and the atmosphere it creates in the small outback  community.
We now coordinate the festival merchandise stall. Love it.”

Ken & Priscilla, Goondiwindi