Growing up in a small mining town in the Pilbara region of Western Australia’s Northwest coast.

Angell’s first steps into music began when a kind school teacher lent him an old guitar that had blown out of the back of a ‘Mini Moke’. Primarily self-taught, from the get-go Angell was crafting his style and writing songs. Delving deep into traditional blues, folk, outlaw country and rockabilly. Always guitar-driven he took these influences, combined with the rugged landscape and isolation of the Pilbara and formed his unique and distinguishable sound.

For the sake of labelling, we’ll call it: Contemporary Folk Country Blues Being somewhat of a nomad, Angell spent much of his adult life coming and going, mostly scratching out a living playing music or doing the odd ‘real job’ when times get a little tough. As such he has performed in all far-flung corners of Australia, from mining towns on the West Coast to the tropical Islands of The Whitsundays, Queensland.

With 4 full studio albums under his belt…he now returns to the beginning! Found in the vault and covered in dust. In early January, Angell rediscovered a heap of forgotten and lost demos and recordings from yesteryear. In a time before streaming platforms existed when releasing music as an independent self-funded artist was a huge undertaking and expense.

These tracks never saw the light-of-day…except for the odd copy given to his mates on cassette tape. From his very first recordings dating back as far as 1991 (the now infamous 3 song bootleg that made its way around his hometown) through to some earlier versions of later-known Matt Angell classics. These lost gems feature Angell in a stripped-back and raw state…often just him and a guitar or at the most with minimal accompaniment.

2023 sees the release of these tunes, brought back to life and mastered up for public execution

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