Masters of the Outback

Calling all ‘Masters’ of the Outback teams. You will need 4 team members made up of 2 males and 2 females ages 33 years or older.

The great thing about this event is that its both challenging and fun. Yes, it certainly does help if you are fit, but the emphasis is on the team and we’re always impressed with the amazing team spirit from our Outback Masters.

Endurance and strength events feature carrying tyre and fence equipment, pushing cars, racing through an Outback waterhole….certainly not your everyday activity….

How to nominate for this event:

To nominate for the event go to ‘Buy Tickets‘ and select this event from the Individual & Team Sports section (X1 purchased ticket = X1 nomination)

Nominations close 30th August 2019

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Fees & Prizes

Entry Fee: $20 per team

Prize Money: Winning Team $800 / 2nd place $500 / 3rd $200


Day 1
Teams will undertake a challenge of strength, agility and speed in transferring rural equipment over a measured distance

Day 2
Teams test their skill navigating their way through the Long Waterhole watercourse

Day 3
Teams will take part in a Farmer’s Carry challenge testing grip, upper body leg strength as well as mental toughness

Day 4
Teams will undertake a 8km marathon

Day 5
Teams final challenge to push and load a 4WD vehicle over a measured distance

2019 Masters of the Outback is sponsored by Kersh Concreting

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