Volunteer Role Summary

We make every effort to assign roles so that the needs of the Festival and the capabilities of the Volunteers are matched.  We try to place Volunteers according to their specified preferences, but we also want to ensure that everyone who volunteers gets something to do. Below are some brief descriptions of volunteer teams at the Outback Festival.

A more detailed outline of your role/roles will be provided once your application has been successful.

Festival Administration Team   

This team is based at Festival HQ and helps the festival team throughout the festival period with all types of roles, including answering phones, event inquiries, and other general tasks.

Roles available: Administration

Event Coordinators Team          

This team works across the Festival to assist the Event Managers/Coordinators in managing all events across the five-day program.

Role Available: Events Assistant

Children’s Events Team

This team ensures all our young patrons have access to lots of fun and exciting games during the Festival. You will be required to assist coordinators with duties as directed. You will need a Blue card to work in this area.

Role Available: Event Assistant

Hospitality Team   

This team helps us host all our catered events, including the Sunset Gala Dinner and Bush Poets Breakfast the Australian Dunny Derby Day & Concert. In this area, you may be serving drinks, cooking breakfast, and assisting in general service.

Roles Available: Event Assistant, Bar Attendant, Catering and Special Events Assistant

Marshaling Team

This team helps ensure all the proper rules and regulations are followed to ensure a safe and fun environment for all our events, including the Opening Concert, Aust. Dunny Derby, Grand Parade Spectacular, and Outback Cycle Challenge.

Roles Available: Field Attendants, Carts and Weigh In, Treasury, Parking Attendants

Gate Attendant, Line Up Coordinator, Timekeepers, Drink Station Attendant

Lead car driver, Sag Wagon driver, Recovery point attendant, Turning Point attendant

Scorekeepers / Judges, ID checkers, Wrist band issuers, Gate entry attendants

Covid Compliance attendants

Production Team  

This is the team that helps set up and pack down events across the festival program. May need to do physical work including lifting, bending, and carrying. May need to use own vehicle need?

Role available: Set up and Pack down crew

Front of house

You will see this team all point of sales.

Roles Available:  Raffle Ticket sellers, Bar ticket sellers, and survey collectors.

Transport Team

You will see members of this team transporting patrons throughout the Festival.  You will need a light rigid licence and a driver authority will be an advantage.

Role available:  Bus driver